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Custom Beret Shaping/Shaving

Quality & Professional

As the item that ‘tops off’ your uniform, a military beret must be perfectly shaped and shaved in order to maintain a clean and sharp appearance. However, properly preparing a beret is a slow, multi-step process. To make sure you get the results you need, consider taking your beret to Jeannie’s Sewing, the only Tacoma sewing shop offering a custom beret shaping/shaving service.

When shaving a new military beret, it often takes hours to achieve a smooth, consistent texture that is free of lint and fuzz. This laborious shaving process must be repeated on both the inside and outside. After shaving, the next step is to dampen the beret, then let it dry around either your or a mannequin’s head, to help the wool take on a comfortable and natural shape. While shaping and shaving a beret may not be extraordinarily difficult, it is a highly time-consuming project that takes multiple hours from start to finish.

If you, like most members of our armed forces, have better things to do, then let our Tacoma sewing shop perfect your military beret today!